Plagiarism check for theses

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Plagiarism in scientific papers is not only a topic you should take really serious, but also highly topical after some prominent examples in the recent years.
Therefore you should handle the sources of your scientific paper carefully.
If you have made a mistake after all and to avoide plagiarism reproaches, it is recommendable to give your paper a check by special software.

We offer you this check of your Bachelor- or Masterthesis for free. We use the same software also being used at MCI. Thus the results are highly reliable. The software checks the similarity in places with texts being available in the internet. The so-called index of similarity indicates the plagiarism probability for your paper in percent. Besides, all sources get listed according to their weighting.

A higher index of similarity is not a reason for worries. The software does not check the correct citation and marks therefore properly citations, too. Thus you should check all marked passages from the text again in detail by yourself.

To be able to offer this service to all students at MCI, we carry out only one check per thesis. Thus your paper should already be complete and more or less finished.

We carry out the plagiarism check as fast as possible. During the semester you should calculate with a turnaround of one week. You will receive the results via e-mail to your MCI-account

We point out to you, that we are unable to guarantee for the completeness and correctness of the results of the software-sided check of your thesis and the resultant consequences.

We treat your data as confidential, our General declaration on data privacy protection applies.
As the data security of the online-software used for the plagiarism check evades our influence. For that reason the submission of theses – especially of those marked with a blocking note – is on your own responsibility.

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